Over the years, I've had the privilege of engaging with groups of property managers and industry professionals at local, regional, and national events covering a wide array of topics that include advancements in PropTech, evaluating management structures within, and digital processes.

Why Choose Kelli for Your Next Event?

🌐 Expertise Beyond the Basics: With a rich background spanning residential and commercial properties, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced demands in today's real estate market.

🎤 Engaging and Informative: My speaking engagements are designed to not only inform but to captivate and engage. Drawing from real-world scenarios, I offer insights that are not just educational but relatable to your audience.

🤝 Tailored Solutions: No two property management challenges are identical. I pride myself on delivering talks that provide actionable insights tailored to your specific audience and industry.

🚀 Forward-Thinking Vision: The property management landscape is ever-evolving, and I stay at the forefront of industry trends - especially in PropTech. My presentations are a blend of proven, practical strategies and forward-thinking approaches that allow your audience to navigate the future with confidence.

Whether you are organizing a conference, workshop, or corporate event, I am dedicated to delivering value that extends beyond the stage. Let's collaborate to elevate your next gathering into an insightful experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Thank you for considering me as your trusted speaker. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing my passion, knowledge, and vision with your audience.