Thank you so much for joining my workshop session at Broker Owner 2024! Here are the resources from the presentation to help you on your journey to developing your tech stack.

Worksheet Links:

Current Tech Stack Analysis

Company Goals/Issue List and Future Planning

Tech Partner Deep Dive: Assessing Potential Partners

Link to the Presentation Deck:

Defining Your Tech Stack for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond!

Roadmap to Tech Transformation:

At K Segretto Consulting we are dedicated to helping elevate the standards of property management, helping the industry rise as a whole. We believe that as each PM Company does a little bit better, we greatly impact the lives of our Clients, Customers, Team Members, and Vendor Partners. The little things matter.

If you would like help in determining the right Tech Stack for your organization or are looking for a property management consultant to link arms with you to help you take your business to the next level - set up a free consultation with us! We'd love to help you elevate your PropOps and reach your goals.